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Our coaches are world class. They come from various backgrounds and athletics. Their main purpose is to be there for you! They are all all highly trained to understand movement, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. From the squat to the deadlift, lets meet those who are at the forefront of warehouse athletics.

Turnier (a.k.a Junior)-Owner/crossfit coach

Turnier has been Cross-Fitting since 2008, when he discovered CrossFit by accident. “I saw a cool logo on a shirt, with CrossFit around it, and asked the guy, what is CrossFit?”.From there, Junior has been hooked. in 2015 he partnered up with a good friend to form Cult Athletics. Cult Athletics specializes in both online (Where the more that play, the more you win), and in-person CrossFit Competitions.

Certifications-Crossfit level 1, Crossfit Judge
Favorite movement- The clean
Personal Quote- "think big, start small, scale fast"

Josh-(Operations Manager) crossfit/strength and conditioning/personal training coach
Before finding CrossFit, I did a lot of running. I loved 5K races and half marathons but decided I wanted more from my fitness. After my first CrossFit class, I got hooked on the competitive nature of the workouts and the community. I love taking on new challenges, and CrossFit is the perfect environment to constantly challenge yourself. Watching people do things thEY never thought they could and push themselves to new limits is why I decided to become a CrossFit coach.
Certifications-CrossFit Level 1, NASM Personal Training, CrossFit Judge
Favorite movement- "joshing"
Personal Quote- "you got joshed"


Dustin-crossfit coach
My journey into health and fitness started when I made the decision to lose 100 lbs and take my health seriously. I got into CrossFit in 2013 and decided I wanted to take it a bit further and coach. CrossFit, to me, is much more about the people and relationship building while sharing my journey. I want to be a positive example of where hard work and dedication can take you. Crossfit introduced me to my wife Paige, in 2014 and now we have a beautiful daughter, 2 dogs: jovie and mowgli and 2 cats: samuel and dora. 
Favorite movement-clean and jerk & Burpees
Personal Quote-“what you want to find most will be where you least want to look”

Kathy-crossfit coach
In 2012 I tried out a CrossFit class and immediately drank the kool aid. In 2013 I obtained my Level 1 and because of my love for the Olympic lifts, I received a USAW Sports Performance Coach certification in 2015. I love coaching CrossFit and OLY classes because it is incredible to watch people reach goals that they never thought they could obtain. I am so grateful that I found CrossFit. It has made me a stronger and faster athlete and drives me to encourage those around me to better their lives with fitness.
Certifications-CrossFit Level 1, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Judge
Favorite movement- All the movements!
Personal Quote- "the perfect catch is always in the snatch patch"



John is from Schuylkill County and moved to this area in 2019. He’s always had an active lifestyle but after graduating college his physical activity decreased significantly. CrossFit has filled many important mental and physical gaps for him. He missed doing intense physical activity and the feeling of pride that comes with knowing he couldn’t have given more if be wanted to. He’s always been curious to see what his mind and body are capable of doing. For him, nothing tests this better than CrossFit. He’s an athlete first so he’ll regularly be in the gym training. The better an athlete he becomes, the better he’s able to coach others. As a cross fit community, we are on a continuing journey to be better than the day before and he’s glad to be part of it.

Alana-crossfit and Strength and conditioning coach

Before discovering CrossFit I was your typical gym attendee. Pretty healthy but was not feeling challenged. I stumbled across an ad for a 6 week challenge and thought why not! I had heard of CrossFit but wasn’t really sure what it was nor had I tried it. So I began my journey in 2015 when I joined the 6 week challenge, and by the end of the first week I was hooked. I Instantly fell in love with the programming as well as the community feel of my first gym. A year ago I decided I wanted to learn and be more involved in the CrossFit culture, which lead me to obtaining my CrossFit Level 1 certification. The experience was amazing and gave me a better appreciation for the sport. CrossFit has pushed me to my limits and helped me grow physically as well as mentally.

Certifications- CF-L1 
Personal Quote- "the best project you will ever work on is yourself"
DAWN-crossfit coach

 I Started doing CrossFit at the age of 48 to improve my health. Never touched a barbell prior to CrossFit. Fell in love with how it changed my confidence and loved the competitive spirit but community feel. Have done a handful of competitions as a Masters Athlete. I volunteered at the CrossFit Games in 2019 and at Regionals in 2018.

Certifications- CF-L2, aerobic capacity, adaptive athlete cert.
Personal Quote- "strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."
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